Winter Haven

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Your shelter from the storm

The Winter Haven takes many of it's may of it's design attributes from our best selling winter tarp The Monster Fly. This sleek trimmed down winter tarp has everything that you need for bombproof winter hammock camping & nothing that you don't. Door snaps allow the four doors to be fully closed down creating a micro climate for cold weather camping & keep out even the nastiest weather. Weight reducing cat cuts in the main body & doors of the tarp eliminate extra material weight & prevent flapping in the wind. The A frame design helps to shed rain and snow loads keeping you cozy and dry. Optional side panel pulls & external pole mod kit provide additional anchor points and allow the tarp to be domed out creating even more room inside. 


  • Weight Reducing Cat Cuts
  • Four Storm Doors
  • Door Snaps
  • Lightweight Waterproof Silicone Impregnated Ripstop Nylon Fabric
  • Optional Side Panel Pulls
  • Optional External Pole Mod Kit
  • Included micro buckles allow the doors to be tied back (lines not included)

In order to reduce the cost of manufacturing and offer the Winter Haven at a lower price it does not come seam sealed.