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Trekker Tarp
Trekker Tarp
Trekker Tarp

Trekker Tarp

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The Trekker Tarp is our economy hex tarp offering. By simplifying the design and limiting the number of available customization options and features we are able to achieve a lower manufacturing cost. Those are savings that we get to pass on to you! The Trekker tarp comes in two lengths an 11' and 12' model offering plenty of coverage to keep you dry. The tarp comes with 1" beastyD rings on the ridgeline and 1/2" beastyD rings on the pull out hardware. An optional center tie out point can be added to allow for a center pole mod to be used to dome our the tarp and increase the interior space. The open ended design of the tarp allows for ample airflow making the tarp suitable for three season camping. The tarp has straight edges offering slightly more coverage and protecting you from the elements. The Trekker Tarp is the perfect tarp for the new hammock camper, weekend warrior, car camper, or section hiker. 


Whats Included?

  • The Trekker Tarp itself 
  • 1" BeastyD Ridgeline hardware
  • 1/2" BeastyD pull out hardware
  • 1 accessory loop in the center of the tarp


Pro Tip:

Pair you new Trekker tarp with a single piece Tarp Skin and Dyneema Tarp kit to make setup and take down of your new tarp easy and quick. Included 8 6' Dyneema lines with tension lock hooks that clip directly into your tarps existing hardware and are removable. Also includes a 35' CRL (continual ridgeline) with Nama claws. Click here to get yours!

Note: To keep the cost down so we can offer the Trekker for such an amazing price we do not offer seam sealing for this tarp You can purchase a seam seal kit from us and watch our instructional video on how to do it yourself. It takes just a few min to apply.