Monster Fly

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An Introduction to the Monster Fly

Our Monster Fly winter tarp was designed to be easy to use while providing ample coverage & comfort out in the backcountry. Six weight reducing cat cut curves in the body of the tarp help to give the tarp its shape while helping prevent flapping in higher winds. The Included button snaps placed every five inches along the doors allow you to batten down the hatches for even the worst weather. All Monster Fly Tarps come standard with an additional hardware needed to use our clip on guy line, internal ridgeline & clip in internal pole mod systems. This allows these accessories to be easily added or replaced on your Monster Fly expanding it's function & making it even easier to use in the process. With the internal pole mod system installed & doors tied back with the included mini buckles, self supporting porch mode is enabled allowing either side to be quickly pitched up by simply loosening the guy lines on one side using the tension lock hook hardware that comes with the our spliced guy line kit. In porch mode you will have a cozy covered front porch for your tarp great cooking, hanging out, or working under on those rainy days. The included Mini Buckles allow the doors to be tied back with the addition of some guy lines when not in use. The Optional Clip on Internal Ridgeline system offers you three new accessory loops for hanging items you want close at hand as well as a place to hang clothes. Simply put the Monster Fly is your ultimate go to all weather hammock shelter for the ultimate in comfort & versatility. 

 What's Included

  • 1.1oz Silpoly Body
  • Hardware for the Clip In Internal Pole Mod, Guy Line, & Internal Ridgeline System
  • Button Snaps on the Doors
  • Weight Reducing Cat Cut Curves 
  • Grosgrain Reinforced Edge Banding
  • Super Strong Top Stitched French Seam Ridgeline Construction
  • Double Ended Stuff Sack

The Monster Fly does not come seam sealed