Marty McFly

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The Marty McFly is our Hex shaped hammock fly. Available in two lengths (11' & 12') it can comfortably cover and protect you from the elements. We have incorporated the same cat cuts found on its bigger brother the Monster Fly into the main body of the tarp. Both reducing weight and helping keep the tarp material taught even out to the edge giving you full coverage. The open design of the tarp creates good air flow and ventilation making it suitable for hot summer nights, Optional side panel pulls can be added for additional rigging points or used in conjunction with a CRL (continual ridgeline and external pole mod kit to provide additional interior space.  allow you to dome the tarp out giving you even more room inside. Optional guy lines come with Tension Lock Hooks and shock cord loops to keep your tarp tight even as the wind blows. The Marty McFly combines the ultimate in functionality, versatility, and simplicity with a perfectly balanced weight ratio.