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Journey Hammock

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Our passion for the outdoors and thrill of the adventure combines with simple and elegant design to create an ultralight net-less we call the Journey hammock. The hammock features quilt hooks and accessory loops sewn into the hems along the length of the hammock and in the peaks at the ends. This allows for easy expansion of functionality for longer trips or cooler temps and is designed to work with all of our hammock accessories. The spliced 110" UHMPE structural ridge-line sets the sag in the hammock allowing for a consistent hang no matter the tree spacing. Two 8" Amsteel spliced loops gather the ends making for a strong and secure connection to the hammocks triple stitched end channels. The hammock body is constructed from a strong yet soft 1.6oz/sqyrd HyperD that is soft to the touch with just the right amount of give. Wherever your adventure takes you journey there in comfort.

What's included:

  • 11ft Net-less Journey Hammock
  • Set of installed 8" continual loops
  • Installed 110" structural ridgeline
  • Sewn in accessory loops in the peaks
  • Sewn in quilt hooks for attaching an under-quilt
  • Sewn in pull outs 
  • 1 double ended stuff sack