Cloud 9 Pillow

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We longed for a pillow that felt like the ones we have at home, that is why we created the cloud 9 pillow. The most comfortable backpacking pillow there is period.

Using the same polyfill found in traditional pillows and premium ultralight weight ripstop nylons, we were able to create a backpacking pillow that feels like the one at home without the weight.

We thought of everything with this one, we spent six months prototyping and designing to create the Cloud 9 Pillow. Why? So that you can have the most comfortable night sleep you have ever had on the trail.

One of the most annoying things we wanted to solve when we were designing the Cloud 9 was pillow shifting. We were tired of waking up in the middle of the night only to find that our pillow had slipped out from under us again. So we created a suspension system for the Cloud 9. That's right this thing has it's own suspension built right in. 

Three grosgrain loops sewn into the seams conveniently placed around the pillow allow you to easily attach it to you sleeping pad or hammock suspension. Now you wont ever have to worry about your pillow moving around again!


Color choice subject to availability. If your chosen color isn't available we will contact you via email after your order to choose a different color.