Proton Hammock

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The proton hammock is for those who want the lightest they can get. It was conceived and designed with every ounce in mind. The hammock body is made from a 1.0oz sqyrd. Monolight Mesh which in addition to reducing weight also allows for an unobstructed view through the hammock material. We cut the length on this hammock down from  11 feet to 10.5 feet to reduce weight further. Additionally this hammock has no hardware typically found on any of our other gathered end hammocks. We have eliminated the quilt hooks and tie out points on this hammock to shave off every oz possible. We have retained the fixed length structural ridge-line on this model but swapped out for slightly lighter UHWMPE cordage. The Proton hammock is just enough nothing more and nothing less and is our lightest and most versatile hammock yet with a perfectly balanced weight ratio.  


What's Included?

  • 1 Proton Hammock
  • 1 110" installed structural ridgeline
  • Sewn in accessory loops in the peaks
  • Sewn in quilt hooks for attaching an under-quilt
  • Sewn in pull outs
  • 1 double ended stuff sack


    Pair your proton hammock with an UL    suspension kit for the complete rig!

    • Choose between 6', 8', & 10' UL straps at 3, 5, & 7oz respectively
    • Includes a set of 6' whoopie slings with Becket loops 7/64" amsteel blue weight 1.5oz
    • Free PLA suspension storage reel made from renewable plant based & biodegradable plastic.

    Total minimum weight 4.5 complete suspension kit 

    Click here to shop our UL suspension kits