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Warranty Policy

At Outdoorsman Outfitters we believe in making quality outdoor gear designed to perform and last We want to enable you to explore the outdoors with confidence and in comfort. But due to the very nature and environments our gear is designed to be used in, sometimes things break. That is why we offer an unconditional lifetime repair and replacement warranty on all gear that we manufacture. The warranty itself covers against defects in manufacturing, workmanship, and materials on finished unmodified OEM products under normal and proper use. In this case the repair or replacement will be issued free of charge.

What we do not cover free of charge

  • wear and tear from normal use or improper use
  • rips, tears, or holes, from normal proper use or caused by improper use
  • discoloration break down or wear from proper use or caused by improper use
  • damage caused by misuse or improper use
  • damage caused from modifications made to our gear after original manufacturing 
  • snags, fraying, or holes caused by and under normal and proper or improper use.
  • Modifications that you want to be made after OEM Manufacturing  

Note: We will gladly service or modify unchanged OEM goods for a fair and reasonable price to be determined on a case by case basis. This can be done without voiding you warranty including custom work and mods so long as they are done and handled directly by Outdoorsman Outfitters LLC

What will void your warranty

Any modifications made to our gear after original manufacturing including but not limited to the following will void your lifetime warranty. This means that we will no longer be able to provide repair or replacement services on that specific product. Be it free replacement or repair covered under warranty or paid repair services.

  • modifications which involve cutting and removing stitches or adding new stitches or sewing to the gear that change the function of the gear. (You are permitted to make your own repairs provided that you are able. NOTE: if you decide to make your own repairs you do this at your own risk and accept that if you damage your gear it may not be covered under warranty free of charge. If you are not able to or do not wish to make your own repairs you may send it in to our warranty department. We will determine a fair and honest price for the repair if it can be fixed. You may send any and all damaged gear to P.O Box 26 Oakwood GA addressed to Outdoorsman Outfitters Warranty Department.
  • You may not add to or change original function of the gear in any way that will change or alter original construction and intended use or you will void your warranty.