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About US

Welcome to Outdoorsman Outfitters, we are a starting cottage gear company founded in late 2017. We're focused and driven to design, manufacture, and deliver high quality backpacking and camping gear to help you enjoy outdoors. We make everything by hand right here at home in the US and source all our materials locally. The difference, we don't simply want to be just another gear company among the rest, we like a few select others are bringing forth a revolution to the world of backpacking & camping. Using the latest in materials, design, and out of the box thinking to come up with groundbreaking and innovative solutions to the most common yet unsolved problems. 


We aren't making gear we don't use either, the company was born from our desire for better solutions to the problems we faced while out on the trail. It all started with a pillow, our founder Avery Flynn took a top name brand inflatable pillow out on the trail, slept on it one night fully inflated and found it too firm. The second night he didn't inflate it all the way for more softness and found himself rolling from one side to the other as the air moved around. He said "I finally just got fed up with it and I pitched it across my tent." He came home and immediately started looking for a better solution. What he found however was that while there were a shocking number of brands to choose from no one had really innovated and created something truly new for a long time. That is the moment that Outdoorsman Outfitters was born.


Avery began to prototype and make his own backpacking pillow over the next several months . What ultimately resulted is out first product the Cloud 9 Pillow. He said" I didn't have any intentions of  turning it into a business at first, I showed to some trail friends and they all wanted one too. That's when I realized that I had something unique" Since then, just a little over a year ago the dream has expanded to include the design of several more products to be released in the coming months. Here at Outdoorsman Outfitters we are driven by our love and passion for exploring the outdoors and we look forward to helping as many others as we can do the same!