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Lead Times & What They Mean

At Outdoorsman Outfitters we believe in building products that are designed to last. We also believe in providing the best possible customer experience we can.

It's our mission to help you find the gear you're looking for, no matter what. Our lead times allow us the additional time it takes to go the extra mile for our customers. Ensuring every product we make meets our quality standards before it arrives at your door.

As a cottage vendor there is a limited amount of gear we can produce in a week. This is why our lead times are about more than just how long it takes us to produce your dream gear.

We greatly appreciate your decision to purchase from us and/ or the community of cottage vendors! It is truly an honor to serve you and the community as a whole.


I can't wait to try my new pillow in my hammock! Its feels super comfy and looks great! Thank you, Avery!

I can't say enough wonderful things about Outdoorsman Outfitters and Avery Flynn! You won't find more responsive customer service anywhere. Most all of the cottage dealers that I have dealt with have been great, but he goes above and beyond. Quality products and quality service. I can't wait to use my new gear!

Sabre Alford

The best craftsmanship and customer relations you will ever find in a company. Excellent products!

Kerrick Osburn

I bought my monster tarp over 18mth ago now and it is my go to tarp. Lightweight for its size and as never let me down even under the most trying of weather conditions.
I've added a few mods like quick snap releases and it's made it even more versatile.
Great customer service and a reliable product. Can't go wrong. Cheers and keep up the good workmanship.

Obione JZ

I just snagged a deluxe pillow from Avery Flynn! He was great to order with and I can’t wait to get my pillow!

Emily Marvin

Only Top Shelf Materials